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Tally(with GST)

web design

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Summer Projects

Presonality Development


Smart Ladies Programme

This course is specially designed for the girls or housewives to have hands-on learning and experience on usage of computers. This course shall include: Basic uses of computer, writing e-mail, internet banking, data transfer from mobile, personality development class on Body Language, etc.

Data Entry Operator Course

This course is designed to impart typing and general data entry skills among the individuals. It will help the candidates to acquire data typing office jobs. With increased digitization of existing manual data, this course will help in making the individuals job oriented.


Desktop Publishing (DTP)

This course is all about using computer applications and knowledge to create documents such as banners, cards, books, book covers, manuals, brochures etc. It shall involve Knowledge about softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker and Corel Draw are also given. It shall enable the individual to acquire necessary skills to be able to work for newspapers, card business to to help them out with layout, image editing and print related aspects.

adobe photoshop


Photoshop also known as Adobe Photoshop, programmed to be the world’s most popular photo-editing software. Many of the world’s best artists, photographers, designers and those who have their hobbies all rely on Adobe Photoshop for creative designing and image editing. This course shall enable individual to learn the Photoshop software to enable them to be equipped with photo editing skills.

Computerized Accounting (TALLY)

This course involves imparting knowledge on use of one of the Most Popular Accounting Package – TALLY. It shall involve imparting theoretical and practical skills on use Tally Package together with its GST feature. With the introduction of GST and increasing relevance of use of computers for account keeping, this course is one of the most popular among the students and individuals in search of Jobs. Tally certified professionals will be able to find account keeping jobs at various organizations and businesses.

ms office

Microsoft Office and Typing courses

This course covers topics like MS Word, MS Excel, and Power Point etc. Also, it helps to improve typing skills of the individuals by increasing their accuracy and speed of typing. It can help housewives, old/retired persons and students to become job oriented.


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

PGDCA is a 1-year professional course designed for students who are interested in seeking knowledge about various computer applications ranging from Microsoft Office Package, Programming Courses), Tally, Photoshop, etc. This course makes the individual ready to understand the Computer operations in its entirety and enabling them to be ready for all computer based Jobs.


The C programming language is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and is commonly used to program operating systems such as Unix. It is a general-purpose programming language and one of the main advantages of programming in C is that it allows the programmer to write directly to memory.



C++ is a computer programming language created in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup. The C++ programming language acts as an extension to the modern C language known as standard C. C++ is known as an intermediate (low-level) language for programmers to learn.


Java is an object-oriented programming language, with syntax largely based on C and C++, that allows for the creation of robust, secure and portable applications that can run on multiple platforms including Window, Mac, and Linux operating systems.



Python is a versatile computer programming language that is highly suitable for tasks ranging from scripts to large systems. The programming course highlights best practices, including unit testing, version control, and optional idioms.


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